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To respond to our school development, we recruit from time to time teachers, assistant teachers, cleaners, administrators etc. Please visit this section as frequent as you can to get update our job announcement information. Otherwise if you really interest in our centre, you are welcome to drop your CV and Cover letter to our office during working hour or post your job in our partner website

At the moment we are recruiting a few position as follow:

Job Announcement  

Cambridge Child Development Center (Cambridge CDC Cambodia) is the first international franchised nursery and day-care center in Cambodia as well as a growing and aggressive center in Cambodia. We keep recruiting new committed members to integrate into our dynamic team as follow:

(1) Principal (one position): 

+ Requirement: - 4 year experience in nursery school or related fields.- English proficiency, Chinese or other language is a plus- Strong in communication and sense of responsibility and leadership- 3-year experience in management team at least. 

+ Responsibility:- Monitors instructional processes to ensure that activities are related to the curriculum. - Regularly consult the centre-level committee about planning, operation, supervision, and evaluation of centre’s education program. Include students, staff, and parents if necessary.- Creates harmonious working environment for all staff and among staff members. - Motivates staff and students to achieve excellence and high-level standards.-Directs planning of activities and ensures programs are in place with the staff’s performance.-Define expectations for staff performance with regard to instructional strategies, classroom management, and communication with the public.- Observe employee performance, record observations, and conduct evaluation conferences with staff.- Work with staff, Principal and BOD to plan professional development activities.- Develop centre’s budgets based on documented program needs, estimated enrollment, personnel, and other fiscal needs. -Supervise maintenance of facilities to ensure a clean, orderly, and safe centre.- Work with faculty and students to develop a student discipline management system that results in positive student behavior and enhances the school climate.- Ensure that school rules are uniformly observed and that student discipline is appropriate and equitable in accordance with Student Code of Conduct and centre handbook.- Conduct conferences about student and school issues with parents, students, and teachers.- Use appropriate techniques to encourage community and parent involvement.- Demonstrate professional, ethical, and responsible behavior.- Perform other duties as assigned. 

(2) English Teacher, Chinese Teacher and Khmer Teacher (3 positions) 

+ Requirement:- 2 years experience in nursery school or daycare center or related field- English/Chinese proficiency- Strong in communication and sense of responsibility- Love children

 + Responsibility:- Plans the lesson for the class;- Evaluates the students’ performance based on the activities given and behavior when in school;- Reports directly to the head teacher;- Keeps records of each student’s performance and output;- Prepares report cards in accordance to the centre’s policy;- Recommends promotion of students or any solution to any conflict each student is facing;- Has direct contact with the parents;- Propose solutions to conflicts in the classroom, among students and colleagues as well;- Suggest continuous development of the child;- Nurtures, care and caress children to become the best they can be- Motivates children and parents to the betterment of the kids’ performance and development;- Purchase materials/resources necessary for learning activities;- Deals with the security in making sure of the safety of all his/her students;- Responsible for the maintenance of the child’s school materials;- Manages class activities;

(3) Teacher Assistant (2 positions) 

+ Requirement:- 1 years experience in nursery school or daycare center or related field- English/Chinese proficiency and strong in communication 

+ Responsibility:- Assists the classroom teacher in all the activities;- Checks attendance and keeps records of each student;- Inspects and replaces damaged materials;- Assures that the classroom has all the necessary materials needing for learning;- Teaches the class some times;- Updates the classroom teacher of any conflict within the class and suggests solutions;- Discusses assigned teaching area with the class teacher to coordinate instructional efforts;- Monitors children upon boarding and leaving the school bus;- Keeps the students tidy and in good condition all the time;- Has direct communication with the classroom teacher and parents as well;- Attends meetings, trainings and seminars with the classroom teacher;- Maintains the cleanliness and order in the classroom and assures a healthy, conducive environment;- Maintains confidentiality;- Projects a professional, caring individual to children;- Propose techniques to attain maximum learning;- Serves a s a good role model to students 

(4) Cook and Nutritionist (2 positions) 

+ Requirement:- 2 years experience in making food for children especially in nursery school- Can speak English/Chinese with sense of responsibility and can work independently 

+ Responsibility:- Plans and analyzes the menu for each meal;- Considers the best possible nutritional value of the food being prepared;- Facilitates cooperation with education partners such as administrators, teachers, parents and students;- Assures cleanliness and safety in all areas of his/her department;- Purchases all the necessary ingredients/equipments needed;- Considers special cases if there are any among children;- Budgets and writes report for the daily consumption/purchasing in the kitchen;- Trains food service personnel;- Maintains high standard of sanitation and safety;- Manages food service personnel;- Reports any conflict that exist within the designated area of responsibility;- Continuously improves the condition of food service of the centre;- Serves as a good role model to colleagues, students and teachers. 

(5) Receptionist (1 positions) 

+ Requirement:- 1 years experience in nursery school or daycare center or related field- English/Chinese proficiency- Strong in communication 

+ Responsibility:- Maintains a thorough working knowledge of and adheres to organization/project policies and regulations;- Keeps immediate supervisor/Principal well-informed of activities, results of efforts, problems identified, potential problems, etc.; recommends corrective actions to immediate supervisor;- Respects confidentiality in discussing customers, staff, vendors and organization matters;- Maintains general knowledge of all centre’s activities including their purposes/activities; able to identify staff with assigned projects;- Ensures knowledge of staff whereabouts.- Promptly, accurately, professionally and courteously receives 100% of all telephone calls and visitors.- Promptly, accurately, professionally and courteously assesses 100% of received calls/inquiries and directs and/or records and relays messages;- Ensures that common areas are equipped with office supplies as needed;- Responsible for the documenting, displaying and storing of office samples;- Maintains the showroom and sample room in a neat and orderly fashion;- Reports to work regularly and on time;- Assists with other duties as needed and as directed.- Upholds a friendly and approachable personality. 

Interested and qualified candidates can send their cv and cover letter to our postal address 21A Street 302 Sangkat Boeung Keng Kang 1, Khan Chamkamorn, Phnom Penh or email us at or post your cv and cover letter online or with attachment at our partner website Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview. There is no expired date to the above-mentioned jobs announcement. This job announcement is updated on 15/08/2011

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