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Discover our difference

Edify Kids at a glance:

Vastly different from any other preschool, Edify Kids is uniquely placed to provide everything necessary for the first step of your child, one that takes him or her far in life.

Just take a look at what sets us apart:

  • Highly evolved and graded curriculum.
  • Playway technique blended with IB methodology.
  • Optimum teacher pupil ratio of 1:8
  • Take home activities to foster parent child learning
  • Comprehensive reading and writing readiness programmes
  • Specific activities and games to enhance physical and sensory motor growth
  • Emphasis on creative arts like music art dance and pottery to fan self expression and imagination on theatre arts like dramatics and puppetry to develop language and social skills.
  • Technology integration to lend a fun filled dimension to learning
  • Periodic parent conferences including parent teacher meets at home
  • Highly experienced and committed teaching staff that regularly undergo professional development and training programmes to update skills.
  • Warm and encouraging ambience with temperature controlled classrooms.
  • Latest teaching aids and assessment techniques
  • Spacious play area with splash pool and sand pit
  • Field trips and visits to provide real life experiences
  • Medical check up
  • Yoga for spiritual development
  • Emphasis on development of personality along with spoken English and communication skills

Now the decision rests in your hands. Would you like your child to enjoy the Edify advantage and get a solid grounding that will benefit him or her throughout life? or...

Think carefully and choose wisely because you’ll agree that your child’s future is not something you will play around with.